Homecoming Mums & Garters in Spring, TX

Wreaths & Gifts

Wreaths & Gifts

Mardi Gras Deco Mesh Wreath: This sample wreath includes green and purple deco mesh, a glitter harlequin mask adorned with large purple feathers, a customized wooden fleur-de-lis painted with glitter and the expression "Laissez les bons temps rouler," several strands of disco ball Mardi Gras beads, and colorful, whimsical spiral picks. The wreath is approximately 32" in diameter. As shown: $85

Easter Wreath: This sample wreath includes a round grapevine base, lavender deco mesh, several hydrangeas, lots of greenery and moss, a distressed metal cross, and a twine flower embellishment. The wreath is approximately 20" in diameter. As shown: $65

Halloween Wreath: This sample Halloween wreath includes an oval shaped grapevine base. It features a spider bow, cute witch's hat, a large spider, spooky themed burlap, and a wooden Happy Halloween sign. Length: 18" Width: 14". As shown: $50

Halloween Witch Wreath: This wreath includes burlap Halloween ribbon, a witch's hat and legs, a "Welcome My Little Pretties" wooden sign, several sparkly skulls, black glittery roses, and feather embellishments. The wreath is approximately 24" in diameter. As shown: $75

Valentine's Heart Gift Box: This includes a glittery heart shaped gift box, and is embellished with three silk roses, feathers, a houndstooth ribbon bow, and a zebra heart decoration. Great as an anniversary gift, Valentine's gift, or decoration. Length: 12" Width: 10" Height: 8". As shown: $30

Bird Cage Lantern: This decorative lantern features a dark metal bird cage, ceramic blue robin with nest, light blue hydrangeas, and lots of greenery.   Height: 13" Width: 8". As shown: $40

Succulent Frame: This large succulent frame features a variety of colorful artificial succulents, mossy rocks, fern, Spanish moss, and lots of greenery. The wooden letter is approximately 5" in height. The total frame height is 15 1/2", and the width is 19". As shown: $80